and the roller coaster continues...

So, my life has completely turned upside down and backwards.

I'm now a divorcee. (I say that in a superb French accent.  It is way less depressing that way.)

Lots of drama.  Lots of hurt feelings.  But it is what it is.

The Kids and I are fine.  Well, as fine as we can be.

Single again at 33 with 3 kids.

I am such a catch, aren't I?



still alive...

Yes, I'm alive.  Thank you, everyone for caring about my absence so much.


Damn, I lost all my readers, didn't I?


Anyway, it has been a rollercoaster of a summer thus far.  I'm pretty sure my medical insurance companies (yes, we are one of the hated families that has dual coverage.  (Please, don't throw anything at me)) are plotting ways of outright killing me and my family so they don't have to pay for any more procedures for us.  Here's what we have been through since February:

The Baby - tubes in ears
The Husband - emergency gall bladder removal
The Boy - broken hand
The Girl - multiple trips to the doctor for ear infections and a possible fractured arm (which turned out not to be...whew!)
Me - emergency appendix removal

And it is only July.  *sob*  The only good news?  We've met both deductibles for the year.  Hooray!  Free healthcare for the rest of the year.  If you need something done, let me know...I'll get you put on as a dependant and you can have free healthcare too.

Who doesn't love a little healthcare fraud? 

The end.


another public service announcement...

In need of deep audio pleasure?  Two words:  Ramin Karimloo.

That is all.


never thought i'd say that...

"That's it missy!  No more man buns for you!!"


public service announcement...

Need somebody new to swoon and drool over?  Two Words:

Richard. Armitage.

Oh my good holy heavens.

Don't believe me??

Try the miniseries North & South on for size.


Also, he makes a really awesome Thorin Oakenshield (for you Hobbit freaks).


That is all.